Sitar is a musical instrument of Arab origin, Tibetan and mainly Indian, and it is also the instrument symbol of music in India. Instument of beaten string, belongs to the family of the guitar, the banjo and lute, among others.

It became known in the West thanks to it's introduction in the pop music of George Harrison's band The Beatles, who was a friend of Ravi Shankar, a famous Indian sitar player.

Ravi Shankar manages, through his classics, to bring unmatching calm and peace to any listener.

In the Indian food served in the restaurant O Sitar, sitar means exactly the intense taste pleasure, as well as the calm and peace of mind one has when enjoying this restaurant's cuisigne.

Located in heart of Lisboa, next to the old cinema Condes, the new Hard Rock Café, the Coliseu, Athneu and Politeama theatre, Restaurant O Sitar waits for your visit... Know Indian cuisigne with full disclosure on it's recipes. This restaurant features a full tranlated menu in the following languages: Portuguese, English, Spanish, French. Our employees speak all of the aforementioned languages, including German.

Know all the exoticism and karma brought to you by the famous masalas (Indian spice melange).

Come enjoy the Sitar with us